Adventure Club

Adventure Club

OutHounds Adventure Club Mission Statement:

To promote the physical and mental wellness of dogs and people.  To be stewards of the environment.  To build a strong, supportive and compassionate community.

OutHounds Adventure Club is the vision of Tim Riendeau and Eric Harne.  It was born out of the need for something more, or in Eric’s words…”What’s next?”

From Eric: “My wife Kim and I have Charlie who is a Bull Mastiff mix that we adopted  in May of 2015.  We enrolled him in training with Tim and Lauren at Harmonious Hounds in the fall .  Over the years, after every class was completed, I would ask Tim and Lauren, what’s next for Charlie?  He’s pretty much completed every class and repeated Manners II just to keep him going.  Tim and I started talking one day about what the next step could be.  Ideas started flowing, many conversations were had over the phone and in person.  We both wanted something that would be ongoing, so  that “What’s next” would not have to be asked again, but we also wanted something that would be fun and challenging.  Soon, Adventure Club came into vision and this all began!”

What is OutHounds Adventure Club?

Adventure Club is a community of people and canine companions who help each other on a journey by completing tasks and overcoming obstacles along the way.  In the spirit of Adventure Learning, we assist and encourage one another to try new things and take acceptable risks.

Who is OutHounds Adventure Club for?

Adventure Club is for everyone! We welcome people and dogs of all skill levels.  Even if you think your dog is not ready for this, THEY ARE!  As long as you want to Get Up, Get Out and rediscover your inner child, OutHounds Adventure Club is for YOU!

We welcome anyone and everyone to come join our hikes and adventures.

Why join OutHounds Adventure Club?

Our “OutHounds” get:

  • Physical and mental exercise and challenges
  • Guided socialization: Our Adventures help with dog-to-dog and dog-to-people reactivity
  • Safety in a group: Pet CPR certified Trail Guides, assistance when encountering trail dangers such as off leash dogs, difficult terrain, new obstacles, etc.

Our “OutHumans” get:

  • Camaraderie: come meet like-minded individuals!
  • Mental wellness
  • Physical workout in the fresh air
  • Safety in a group: group hikes are important in case of accidents or injury
  • Guided hikes: our Trail Guides scout each trail before taking Adventurer’s out. Guided hikes also allow the discovery of new trails and for people and dogs to venture outside of their comfort zones!

Pricing and Membership

Lite Adventures – $10  Less than an hour in length.

Standard Adventures – $15  An hour and a half to two hours in length.

Extended Adventures – $20  Two to three hours in length.

Solo Adventure – $5 or $25 per month  Designed for people who do not have a canine companion but enjoy being with dogs and want to enjoy a guided adventure with the company of others.

Adventure Club Membership – $45 per month  The Adventure Club membership package includes all Adventures.

Additional Dog – $5  For those families who have more  than one dog that they would like to bring.

Can’t Make It? – $40  For those who can not join us, we have trained dog walkers who can hike with your dog. *Limited availability

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**Adventures are held rain or shine.**

Prerequisites:  Veterinary release form .