Adventure Club

Adventure Club

Adventure Club Mission Statement:

To promote the physical and mental wellness of dogs and their people.  To cultivate real-world outdoor skills, to be stewards of the environment, and models of responsible dog-parenting.  To build a strong and compassionate community through human and dog cooperative adventure learning.

Adventure Club is the vision of Tim Riendeau and Eric Harne.  It was born out of the need for something more, or in Eric’s words…”What’s next?”

From Eric: “My wife Kim and I have Charlie who is a Bull Mastiff mix that we adopted  in May of 2015.  We enrolled him in training with Tim and Lauren at Harmonious Hounds in the fall .  Over the years, after every class was completed, I would ask Tim and Lauren, what’s next for Charlie?  He’s pretty much completed every class and repeated Manners II just to keep him going.  Tim and I started talking one day about what the next step could be.  Ideas started flowing, many conversations were had over the phone and in person.  We both wanted something that would be ongoing, so  that “What’s next” would not have to be asked again, but we also wanted something that would be fun and challenging.  Soon, Adventure Club came into vision and this all began!”

Adventure Club is designed to be FUN!!  It is also designed to be a challenge.  We are going to explore the fields of carting/urban mushing, scenting, agility and exploration.  We are going to learn with cooperative games and adventure learning philosophies.   We will learn with our dogs how to coexist in nature.  All skill levels are encouraged to join us after completing a beginner Manners course!  Ready to get started?



Join us for an owners only prep session to discuss class basics, recommended equipment, and to get a preview of what future lessons and adventures will hold.  Be prepared to think outside of the box and get into the cooperative spirit!  This is a one shot lesson that needs to be completed prior to attending future adventures or lessons.  There is no cost to attend orientation.

>>>Next session: Wednesday, May 23, 2018 at 8 p.m.

Prerequisites:  Completion of Owners Only Training Orientation (if a new student to Harmonious Hounds)



STEP 2: Attend In-Class Lesson (optional)

Register for a single lesson ($22)

Register for a 3-pack of lessons ($60)

These one-hour lessons typically occur every other week on Wednesday evenings.  Lessons cover introductory skills that will be helpful for the upcoming adventure setting and goals.   Topics will vary from week to week, including things like equipment training, nose work, carting, and various other skills pertinent to success on the trails.

>>>Next session: TBD

Prerequisites:  Adventure Club Orientation, Veterinary release form & completion of Owners Only Training Orientation (if a new student to Harmonious Hounds)

STEP 3: Join an adventure!

We have designed different types of adventures based on time elapsed – dogs and owners with mixed skill levels are welcome to participate once you have taken a beginner Manners class.  Adventures are broken down as follows:

  • Lite Adventure – typically 1 hour or less ($20)
  • Standard Adventure – 1.5 – 2 hours ($25)
  • Extended Adventure – over 2 hours ($30)
  • Special Adventure – time and cost to be determined

10% of Adventure fees will be donated to the State Parks, Land Trusts, or organization responsible for the maintenance of the trails we visit.

Adventures are early morning events held on Saturdays; participants will meet at an assigned meeting place at the venue for the day’s adventure.  To maximize participants’ experiences, it is important to beat the heat in the warmer months and hit the trails before they become busier as the day wears onward.

>>>Click “Register” below to check out our upcoming events!

**Adventures are held rain or shine.**

Prerequisites:  Adventure Club Orientation, Veterinary release form & completion of Owners Only Training Orientation (if a new student to Harmonious Hounds)