Group Dog Training Classes

Group Dog TrainingOur small group classes will allow your dog to safely mingle with others while we are teaching you how to communicate with one another.  All of our classes are family friendly – we welcome and greatly encourage your whole family’s participation in the training of your dog.

Classes are held at:

Or as noted for field-trip based courses

Prerequisites for all classes:

  1.   Complete an Owners-Only Orientation
  2.   Submit a completed Veterinary Release Form

Master Class List

Puppy Headstart

Manners I

Walk About!
Loose Leash Walking


Manners II

 Rocket Recall!
Reliable Come
When Called

Manners III

Leash Lungers
Dog-to-Dog Reactivity

Zoo Games


Not sure if a particular class or our teaching style is right for you?  Please contact us to arrange an audit of a lesson from the class level of your choice, free of charge!  Please see our Events Calendar for upcoming classes.