additional services we offer Standardized Private Programs

“Puppy Primer”


This is a one session program that helps prepare you to start off on the right paw with your new companion. We will teach you about puppy basics, including how dogs learn, house, chew and crate training, socialization, and how to troubleshoot common puppy problems. This program is a great way to prepare for the arrival of your furry friend or to introduce him to the rules of the house as soon as he comes home.

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“Quick & Dirty Manners”


This three session program introduces the fundamental “must-know” behaviors for every dog: Sit/Down, Leave/Drop it, and Come.


“Ready, Set, Recall!”


This four session program revolves entirely around the be-all, end-all of obedience commands: come when called! We will teach you the rules of recall, how to train it and how to make it solid in the face of real-world distractions. Never have your dog put you to shame when trying to leave the dog park again!


“Polite Pup Program”


This six session program covers all basic behaviors – Sit, Eye Contact, Down, Leave it, Drop it, Come, Stay and Go to Bed. It also covers real-world challenges including barking, jumping, mouthing, chewing, and possessiveness. We will introduce you to the basics of dog body language so that you will understand how your dog communicates if he is stressed or happy, scared or excited. We round things out with an introduction to training behaviors in the face of distance, distraction and duration – the keys to prepping your dog for behaving in daily life. This is a great beginner-basics program, suitable for dogs of all ages. If your dog is an appropriate candidate, it also includes the option to attend one of our open-enrollment group classes for socialization, free-of-charge.