Dog Training Orientation

Dog in glasses reading - Training Orientation

Have you ever wondered  why your dog keeps jumping, barking, or digging despite you telling (or yelling at!) him to stop?  Whether dogs have morals or  actually live in packs?  What’s the best way to communicate with a dog?  Our Dog Training Orientation answers these questions and more; it’s where your training experience begins!

Orientation is a required session for new human students before starting group classes, private lessons, or dog tutoring services.  We have a variety of convenient options:

*In person events are for humans ONLY – Fido sits this one out at home!

The presentation lasts up to 1.5 hours and goes over the following:

  • How dogs learn & why they do what they do
  • Debunking common dog myths and demystifying common dog behavior
  • The basics of our family-friendly training approach for working with dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages, and breeds
  • How to prepare for class or private lessons – including what to bring and how to make the most of training time
  • Filling out necessary paperwork for those who haven’t registered online
  • A copy of our mandatory Veterinary Release Form will be provided and must be submitted prior to starting in-person group classes with your dog

Attending Orientation is a no-risk opportunity to learn about dogs and how to train YOUR dog.  There is NO COST for attending a Dog Training Orientation and no obligation to enroll in a class, but registration online or over the phone is required to attend. 

Recorded session

Our recorded Training Orientation is the most convenient of our Orientation options.  Just register online and we will email you the access link to the private Facebook Group! You will need to complete the quiz that accompanies the video before your training registration is confirmed.  Click the link below (the date 1/1/2021 is irrelevant!) to get started!

Upcoming ONline & in person Sessions

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Dog Training Orientation Details

Duration: up to 90 minute session

Cost: FREE

In person Orientation sessions are for owners ONLY.  Please leave your dog at home!

Have questions or need help with registration?  Use the form below to contact us!