Advanced Dog Manners



Our advanced dog manners class is the next step after graduating from our intermediate Manners II class.  This course aims to polish your dog’s skills and ensure they are solid in the face of a variety of challenges!

Distractions, distractions, distractions!  This class is all about preparing your dog to face the really tough distractions your dog regularly faces in the real world and proofing his behavior to withstand them.  This includes food, toys, other dogs, prey animals, and more.

We also build upon the foundational heel work introduced in Manners II, shaping a true, solid heel behavior.

This class also introduces more complex behaviors like dropping on recall and distance work.

Manners III Details

Age: 6 months+

Vaccinations: Must have first round of Distemper and Parvo vaccines and a negative fecal test a week prior to the start of class. A signed veterinary release is required.

Duration: 50 minute sessions for six consecutive weeks

Class Schedule: Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m., starting June 13th (**No class the week of July 4th**)

Cost: $125

Location: Paws ‘N’ Play Doggy Daycare, 562 Reed Road, Dartmouth, MA

Curriculum: Distraction work, heeling, drop on recall, distance and duration work for known behaviors

Prerequisites: Manners II or private training