Dog Leash Training Classes

Dog leash training

Please see our updated COVID-19 policies to ensure safety in our classroom.   Not ready to socialize?  Check out our online live training options!

dog-attentively-walking-on-leash-with-manBeing on leash is a routine part of our dog’s life.  In fact, in most communities, leashing your dog when out is required by law.  Dogs aren’t computers – they don’t come preprogrammed to walk nicely on leash or even tolerate wearing one.  This is why your dog needs leash training!  Nobody wants a dog to pull so hard that they injure you or themselves.  Nobody wants a dog to be uncontrollable when they see people or other dogs.   Our dog leash training classes will help your dog to become a model citizen when out on leash.

Need help with leash training basics?  Check out our Walk About! Leash Walking Mastery Class

Have a dog that barks or lunges at other dogs on leash?  Check out our Leash Lungers 101 Class

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