Virtual Private Consultations

Virtual private consultations are an opportunity for us to work with you online, face-to-face on your specific training goals.  Everything from basic manners to fear and reactivity can be addressed. Meetings are hosted through the ZOOM platform that utilizes a live video feed, so that clients can see and hear their trainer and vice versa.  We can demonstrate skills live with our own dogs or provide videos for clarity.  We can also give you feedback in real time while you practice with your own dog!

In addition to your hour-long live meeting, we provide students with a recording of the session for reference and access to a private Facebook group for follow-up support.   With the difficult economic climate due to the pandemic, sessions are only $67.50 an hour for a limited time.  We’ve also reduced initial consults for behavior modification to $90.00 for a 1.5 hour session.

Getting started is easy! In order to participate, you will need:

Laptop, smartphone, and tablet


An internet-ready laptop, cellphone, or tablet with functioning camera, speakers & microphone.  That’s it!



Computer Screen


New clients will need to complete an Owners Only Training Orientation in advance of your first session with your dog.


Not sure if online training is right for you?   We would be happy to schedule a free 15 minute Zoom meeting to talk about the benefits!  So whether you are ready to get started or have other questions, please use the form below: