Dog Manners Training Class

MANNERS Training Class

Please see our updated COVID-19 policies to ensure safety in our classroom.   Not ready to socialize?  Check out our online live training or private training options!

Our beginner level manners training class is the next step after graduating from Puppy Headstart or for the novice dog. It is focused on instilling basic manners in dogs of all ages and sizes! In addition to teaching your dog household manners, you will learn more about canine behavior and how to solve common behavior problems.

Each class focuses on teaching you and your pup the skills to handle a different real-life situation with grace and ease. We focus on building concrete impulse control for your dog – what keeps him from jumping on every person or other dog he meets – and teaching you how to train behaviors relevant to your everyday life. Our aim is to build mainstay polite behaviors as habit for your dog using the science of how dogs learn and reward-based reinforcement. Of course, expect plenty of socialization and fun to boot!

Enrollment is flexible, with options to pay per session or purchase a package. This class is “open enrollment,” which means it is structured in a manner that allows you to join the class at any time. The class is constantly cycling, so no matter when you join, you will get the opportunity to take all 6 sessions!

Manners I Class SUMMARY

Age: 20 weeks (5 months) +

Have a younger puppy?  Check out our Puppy Headstart classes!

Vaccinations: Current in vaccination schedule as determined by your veterinarian and state law. A signed veterinary release is required.

Prerequisite: Completion of a Training Orientation session for new students

Duration: 1-hour sessions

Curriculum: Attention, sharing, impulse control, problem behaviors like barking & jumping, real-life applications of sit, down, loose-leash walking, come, and leave it, in addition to stay, and settling on a mat.

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Ready to Enroll?

The first step for new students is to watch our recorded Orientation and complete the associated comprehension quiz:



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