Rover Rubicon

Rover Rubicon

Training through dog games

Please see our updated COVID-19 policies to ensure safety in our classroom.   Not ready to socialize?  Check out our online training or private training options!

This class is an active, games-oriented class for solidifying polite manners and obedience cues.  It is open to dogs of varying skill levels, but is aimed at those who have completed, at minimum, a basic manners course.  Classes strive to review known behaviors, proof them against distractions, distance, and duration, and culminate each week in a game that tests the previous week’s skills!


The first step for new students is to watch our recorded Orientation and complete the associated comprehension quiz:


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Rover Rubicon Details

Age: 6 months+

Vaccinations: Current in vaccination schedule as determined by your veterinarian and state law.  A signed veterinary release is required.

Prerequisites: Beginner Manners Class (or a  comparable course with another positive reinforcement-based trainer).  New students will also have to complete our Training Training Orientation in advance of class start

Duration: 1-hour sessions for six consecutive weeks 

Cost: $140

Curriculum: refreshers & dog games to practice sits, downs, leave it, stay, come, and leash walking – also introduce the new behavior of drop on recall

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