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Rocket Recall!

Really Reliable Recall — Come When Called

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Ever have that exasperating moment when you call your dog to come, have him make it halfway there and then shoot off after the flock of geese that conveniently decided to land at this most inopportune of moments? Or maybe your dog doesn’t even make eye contact or twitch an ear when you call him to come – manifesting selective hearing when off-leash. If these scenarios are familiar, you need our Rocket Recall course!

Recall, or come when called,  is one of the most important skills you can teach your dog – someday you may need it to save his life from that fast approaching car or unfriendly dog. Our course is focused on developing a reliable recall in the face of the most frustrating and common real-life distractions, like food, people and other dogs. The goal is to give your dog a solid recall foundation and to build your confidence in your ability to control your dog off-leash so that you can both better enjoy your trips together!


The first step for new students is to watch our recorded Orientation and complete the associated comprehension quiz:


Upcoming Sessions

Dog Come when Called – Rocket Recall Details

Age: 6 months+

Vaccinations: Current in vaccination schedule as determined by your veterinarian and state law. A signed veterinary release is required.

Prerequisite: Completion of an Owners-Only Orientation session for new students

Duration: 1 hour sessions for three consecutive weeks and a 4th week field trip

Cost: $105

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