Real World Dog Training Class


Manners for Out and About

Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, no group classes will be held until the shelter-in-place advisory is lifted.  In the meantime, check out our online live training options!

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If you are looking to have a canine boy scout, who can travel with you and handle the various challenges of downtown, the pet store and the park, look no further than this real world dog training class!

This four session, field trip-based course takes the show on the road, so that we can teach you how to best use your dog’s known behaviors to handle real-life distractions. We are constantly changing the location of site lessons, so that you can take the class as many times as you’d like to hone your skills! Help your dog become an all-star by joining Real World Adventures today!

Real World Adventures Details

Age: 8 months+

Vaccinations: Current in vaccination schedule as determined by your veterinarian and state law. A signed veterinary release is required.

Duration: 60-minute sessions for four consecutive weeks

First Upcoming Class: This class is scheduled as interest allows. Please contact us to set up a class!

Cost: $95

Prerequisites: Manners I or other beginner obedience course (If with another reward-based training provider, you will need to complete an Owners-Only Orientation with us prior to beginning class)