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Many of these events are “owners only” sessions – there will be no dogs present, unless otherwise noted. Most events require registration in order for you attend, even for events offered free of charge. Registration closes 24 hours prior to the seminar. Dog-friendly events also require proof of vaccines in order to attend.

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Dog Speak 101

What’s my Dog Saying?

Many people are familiar with the fact that dogs primarily communicate using body language – different positions and motions with their body that communicate their feelings and intent. Things like ears and tails are most people’s primary form of “reading” their dog. There is a lot more to dog communication than just ears and tails (just like there’s more to learning any foreign language than just verbs and nouns)! There are also many misconceptions out there regarding dog body language – things like the “guilty look” and the “happy tail wag.” Our seminar strives to set the record straight on these forms of body talk!

Our Dog Speak 101 seminar dives into the details and subtleties of how dogs communicate. Things as minor as averting eyes, shifting weight and closing of the mouth have serious implications in dog language. Even yawning and lip licking can be meaningful in social situations! Since dogs can’t tell us how they feel, we can only infer their emotions based on their body language. Becoming famiiar with common dog cues and social norms allows you to be a better owner and trainer. Understanding stress cues can allow us to diffuse tense situations before they escalate to the point of being dangerous. Join us for Dog Speak to become fluent in dog!

Be a Tree!

Dogs & Kids Safety Workshop


The Be a TreeTM Program is an interactive, 1-hour program for parents and kids that teaches everyone how to read dog body language and remain safe around dogs. This is a must-take FREE workshop for all families with dogs and small children. The program is administered by Doggone Safe, a non-profit organization dedicated to dog bite prevention through education and the support of dog bite victims. Our goal in teaching this program is to keep both dogs and children safe by teaching mutual understanding and respect.

Be a Tree program is the only dog bite prevention program to have received the support of major professional organizations. The Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, the Canadian Association of Animal Health Technologists and Technicians, the Saskatchewan Association of Veterinary Technologists, the Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association and the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians support the Be a Tree program.

Dog Learning 101

The ABC’s of Dog Training

DOG_READINGHave you ever wondered why your dog deems jumping his preferred way of greeting you? Or why he barks at you to demand attention? Or why he does any of the silly or exasperating things that he does? If you’d like to know more about how your dog’s brain works and why he does what he does, this is the seminar for you!

This seminar will teach you the basics of learning that apply to all animals – including people! Understanding these scientific principles will increase your understanding of your dog’s behavior and how to harness these principles to train him effectively and humanely. This is a must-take course for all owners and animal-lovers alike!

Dog Park Safety


Dog parks are a great way to allow trained and well-socialized dogs to exercise and play. Nearly everyone who frequents such parks, however, has had to observe the unfortunate reality of dog fights, bullying and altercations between dogs. Many of these situations could be prevented or avoided with a little education about dog body language and dog park etiquette!

Enter our Dog Park Safety Seminar! This hour-long event provides information on how to recognize appropriate and inappropriate dog play, how to safely break up dog fights and diffuse escalating situations. It will also discuss the expectations you should have when it comes to dog social settings and things that you can do to keep everyone safe and enjoying their time there!