Leash Lungers 101


Help for your Reactive Rover

Please see our updated COVID-19 policies to ensure safety in our classroom.   Not ready to socialize?  Check out our online live training options!

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Is taking your dog out for a walk the least favorite part of your day? Are you uncomfortable with your dog’s barking, lunging, or growling at other dogs while on leash? Then this class is for you! Our class provides a secure, carefully managed environment for working with your dog and is an alternative for dogs who may not be a candidate for our more mainstream classes.

Class is focused on the following topics & skills:

  • Gain an understanding of what “reactivity” is and its origin
  • Develop options for managing existing behaviors, including different
    training equipment
  • Training new, more appropriate behaviors in place of the concerning ones


Leash Lungers 101 Details

Age: 8 months+

Vaccinations: Current in vaccination schedule as determined by your veterinarian and state law. A signed veterinary release is required.

Prerequisite: Completion of an Owners-Only Orientation session for new students

Duration: 60-minute sessions for six  weeks, first class is an owners-only session (no dogs allowed!)

Cost: $180

Location: Paws ‘N’ Play Doggy Daycare – 562 Reed Road, Dartmouth, MA