Day Training – Private Tutoring

Please see the following new policies to ensure safety in the face of COVID-19 with our day training programs: dog walking policies & private training policies

Work long hours?  Busy shuttling the kids around to school and sports? Wish you had the time and energy to put into developing a well mannered dog, but feel like you’re drowning?  Let us take the reins!

Day Training is our flagship program that allows for training your dog in the most efficient and direct way.  Think of it as having a private tutor just for your dog!  Rather than muddling through on your own, a professional dog trainer comes to your home and works one-on-one with your dog a set number of times per week to help them reach their maximum potential.

Training plans are individualized in duration and length based on your dog’s needs and your ambitions.  Need a dog that walks nicely on leash?  No problem.  Want your furry friend to come when called?  We’ve got you!  Pup’s social skills need some tweaking?  We’re on it!  Sessions can be used for establishing basic manners, addressing problem behaviors, or resolving more challenging issues like leash reactivity.

Throughout the training process, we regularly hold “transfer” sessions, where we  teach you how to maintain the behaviors that we develop with your dog and how to troubleshoot if issues arise.  These sessions can also be used to reassess goals or set new training objectives!

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30 minute Walk & Train – $34

For those dogs that need some brushing up on their basic obedience commands or have other special needs.

60 minute Transfer Session – $100

Scheduled on a weekly or bi-monthly basis to teach you how to ensure your dog maintains the skills taught during day training sessions.

Rather take a more hands-on approach to training your dog?  Check out our private training and group class options!