Online Dog Training

Welcome to the exciting world of online dog training!  Harmonious Hounds is here to bring you cutting edge options for online canine education.  We offer choices for live, weekly classes and seminars, self-paced video curriculums, and virtual private consultations.

Not tech-savvy?  That’s OK!  We use easy, intuitive platforms for online education.  It’s as easy as point and click!  The platforms we use are:

ZOOM – This is a live video conferencing platform.  It allows you to see and hear your instructor giving demonstrations and for them to observe and provide feedback while you are practicing in real time with your dog.  We use this for weekly online group classes, seminars, and virtual consultations.

Facebook Groups – This is a subset of the popular social media platform.  In private groups, we provide support materials for students, including PDF guides, links, and instructional videos.  It also creates a supportive community to ask questions or post videos for feedback.

To participate, you’ll need: a laptop, smartphone, or tablet with internet access.  That’s it!  Before pursuing any of our training options, you will need to complete our Owners Only Training Orientation.  We will email you with instructions and access to meetings and groups after you register.  Select one of the options below for details:

Man looking at dog being trained on tablet - Virtual consultations link

Not sure if online training is for you?  We invite you to join us to attend one of our online Training Orientations, at no charge.  There is no obligation to register for a class after attending, so no risk!  Have other questions?  Please contact us: