Day Training Review: Susan and Poppy

Day Training Review:

Poppy the black lab day training review“Harmonious Hounds (Tim & Lauren) have been a valuable resource for our now almost 2 year old Labrador Retriever – Poppy.  Like most Labs, Poppy has a great amount of love and enthusiasm for people, places, & things.  However, unlike our previous Lab, who had a submissive/shy personality, Poppy is very outgoing. Her energy level can be over the top, which makes her difficult to control. As a result, house guests were treated as other pals to play with; a visit to the vet as puppy play group; and all other dogs her new BFF.  Needless to say, she was difficult to handle.

Tim & Lauren have been working with Poppy in both their classes and in day training sessions, where they work towards more polite & manageable responses to all that excites her.  Many of their sessions also include visits to the vet and other public places, which have been a struggle for me.

I’m happy to say – that the change in Poppy has been amazing.  She (all 70 pounds of her) is becoming a joy to handle in these situations.  Frequently, she is now complimented on her polite behavior!    Tim & Lauren (& their staff) are most reliable and pleasant to work with.  Poppy is as excited to see them as she is us!

Additionally, we have also used Harmonious Hounds to pet sit for us (we have 2 cats, in addition to Poppy).  It was nice to be away from home and have peace of mind that our pets were in knowledgeable and responsible hands.  That is something that is very crucial to us!

We (& Poppy) highly recommend Harmonious Hounds for both  training & pet care needs!”

-Susan & Dexter, Dartmouth, MA