Private Training Review: Nancy, Bruce, Oscar & Logan

Logan the cocker spaniel behavior modification reviewPrivate Training review:

“We adopted a beautiful cocker spaniel from The Southeastern Mass Humane Society. Logan was fine with his new family for the first few weeks, but quickly became defensive, lunging and trying to bite strangers.  I came upon Harmonious Hounds on the web and liked that Lauren had quite an extensive education and experience with animals.

We wish we had video of Lauren’s first visit with Logan. When we brought Logan out, he displayed every behavior of an animal that is going to bite.  His teeth were showing, he was standing on his back legs, outstretching his neck and head.  Anyone else would have run and never come back. Lauren sat calmly on the couch and explained every single action Logan was taking or about to take.

Lauren has given us great instructions on teaching Logan to remain calm  when people enter our home and while out and about in the world. He is able to go to the groomer every four weeks. Now when Lauren comes over, she is no longer a trigger.  He can be off-leash in the house and she can actually hand-feed him his training rewards. Yesterday,  all of his training paid off as he made us so proud at the vet. He let the Dr. do everything she needed to do without displaying any aggressive behavior.  He then stayed on the floor after the exam in a polite down-stay. We can not say enough good things about Lauren – she was Logan’s lifesaver, he is such a happy, fun dog that just needed a chance.”

-Nancy & Bruce, Dartmouth, MA