Allison & Canyon

Harmonious Hounds Testimonial“I became involved with Harmonious Hounds due to a food aggression issue between my dog and my roommate’s dog. Their aggression had slowly progressed to the point of minor injuries between the dogs and I, unfortunately, was bitten in an attempt to break up one of their fights. Given the sensitive nature of this issue, I wanted to be sure that whoever worked with us in training was not only qualified, but also compassionate. Lauren possesses both of these qualities. She is extremely knowledgeable with regards to animals and training methods. Her philosophy focuses on praise and positive reinforcement, which leaves you feeling productive and optimistic about the training process. She is dedicated to the pets and owners she works with, following up on sessions with check-ins via email and phone and being available for questions and/or concerns. She is also organized and provides homework assignments/written information in addition to modeling to aid in the training and understanding of presenting issues. Months later after the completion of training, my dog continues to progress in basic training learned with Lauren and, although precautions are still taken with food, there have not been any more injuries and both dogs exhibit less anxiety in the presence of food. If you are looking for professionals to work with you and your pet that are caring and enjoy what they do, I highly recommend Lauren and Harmonious Hounds”

-Allison & Canyon F., Swansea, MA